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To enjoy optimal handling control, steering precision and driving comfort, your car wheels need to be correctly aligned as per manufacturer specifications. Wheels with incorrect alignment significantly reduce the service life of car tyres and suspension components which may lead to various safety issues and high repair costs. Therefore, it is imperative to opt for a routine wheel alignment check from a reliable workshop.

Are you looking for a garage for accurate wheel alignment Cheltenham?

Leckhampton Tyres and MOT Ltd. is a professional wheel alignment garage Cheltenham providing top-quality and cost-effective wheel alignment checks for various car makes and models. We work with a team of certified technicians equipped with the latest wheel alignment technology to efficiently rectify wheel misalignment.

To know more about our wheel alignment Cheltenham, you can give us a call on 07718 253344 or come directly to us.

Key Signs of Wheel Misalignment

Here are some of the most distinct symptoms you’ll detect if your car wheels are out of alignment:

Inconsistent Tread Wear

Take a look at your car tyres carefully. If you find signs of tread wear along the inside or outside edges of the tyres, it might be due to wheel misalignment. Misaligned wheels cause certain areas of the tyres to wear out faster. Make sure to visit our wheel alignment garage Cheltenham at the earliest.

Vibrations in the Steering Wheel

An incorrect caster angle results in strange vibrations in the steering wheel which can severely affect the handling performance and steering response. This can subsequently reduce the overall driving comfort.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Wheels with inaccurate alignment show an increased rolling resistance. This means, the vehicle’s engine needs to work harder to move it forward which subsequently diminishes the fuel economy of your vehicle.

Car Drifts to one side

Do you find it difficult to keep your car in a straight line while driving? Does it pull to one side? This can be a warning signal that your car wheels are misaligned and require urgent professional attention.

If you notice any of these symptoms, please come over to our facility for a quick wheel alignment check.

How can we help?

At our wheel alignment garage Cheltenham, we use highly advanced equipment to inspect and rectify the following wheel angles:


It indicates the inward or outward angle of your car wheels when you observe them from the front of the vehicle. If the wheels are tilted inward, it is negative camber. But in case it is tilted outward, it is positive camber.


This is the angle which the steering wheel makes with the vertical axis when viewed from the side. If the steering is tilted towards the driver, it is a positive caster. However, if it is inclined towards the windscreen, that refers to a negative caster.


Toe denotes the outward or inward angle of the wheels when seen from above. It’s called toe-in when the wheels are pointed towards the centre, while toe-out indicates the wheels are away from each other.

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