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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?


Accurate tyre pressure is crucial for on-road safety, optimal handling control and steering response. Driving with over- or under-inflated tyres impacts the tyres’ service life and also reduces the fuel economy of your vehicle.

Automotive experts, therefore, suggest opting for a tyre pressure check once every fortnight or at least once a month. Car tyres tend to lose around 1-3 psi pressure every month under normal driving conditions. Alternatively, tyre pressure can also increase due to heat generated from friction.

If you are looking for a free tyre pressure check Cheltenham, drive down to Leckhampton Tyres and MOT Ltd. We are a professional facility with a team of highly skilled experts. You can simply drop by our garage without any prior appointment.

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What happens when you drive on tyres with incorrect pressure?

The recommended tyre pressure for most vehicles ranges between 30psi and 35 psi. However, the exact tyre pressure for your respective car model is mentioned in the owner’s manual or tyre placard.

Regardless, you can face the following consequences if you drive on tyres with air pressure below or above this range:

  • Decrease in the road-to-tyre contact area which can lead to poor traction, stability, and handling precision
  • Compromised driving comfort
  • Increased rolling resistance and subsequently reduced fuel economy
  • Diminished service life of the tyres since they get more susceptible to blowouts, uneven wear and tear and punctures
  • Increased braking distance resulting in major safety issues

To prevent these issues, make sure to opt for a free tyre pressure check Cheltenham at our garage.

Factors responsible for inaccurate tyre pressure

Car tyre pressure can alter due to several factors, including:

  • Driving on uneven terrains
  • Faulty tyre repair job
  • Leaks in the TPMS valves
  • Fluctuation in temperatures
  • Old tyres, etc.

Rely on us

Our team will carefully assess the current pressure level with the help of pressure gauges. They will also refer to your car’s tyre placard or owner’s manual to find out the recommended pressure level. Based on the readings, they will inflate or deflate the car tyres. After that, they will check the final reading to ensure the recommended pressure level has been restored.

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