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The suspension of an automobile is an advanced system that comprises several components, like shocks, linkages and bushings that work together to ensure a comfortable drive. If these parts are not in optimal condition, they won’t be able to absorb the heavy impacts from potholes or speed-breakers.

Thus, a malfunctioning car suspension system impacts your overall driving experience. Also, please note that driving with faulty shock absorbers or struts can put your safety on the line. Hence, it’s imperative that you visit a reliable car garage if you’re able to detect any symptom of a failing suspension system.

However, you needn’t worry anymore as you can now turn to our reliable garage for suspension repair Cheltenham, Leckhampton Tyres and MOT Ltd. We will conduct thorough suspension servicing and replace the damaged parts with OE-grade spares at affordable rates.

Components of a car suspension system Cheltenham that we check

Our experts will carefully inspect the following components of your car’s suspension system:

  • Springs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Wheels/tyres
  • Steering system
  • Rods/linkages
  • Frame
  • Joints/bearings/ bushings, etc.

Symptoms of a faltering suspension

If you’re detecting any of the symptoms mentioned below, make sure to drive down to our trustworthy garage for suspension repair Cheltenham immediately.

Vehicle drifts to one side

Does your vehicle pull to the left or right side when driving down a straight road? There’s a high chance that your car’s suspension is malfunctioning.

One corner sits low

Observe your vehicle when it is not in use. Just walk around it. Does one of the corners appear to be sitting lower than the others? This is an indication of a damaged spring. If this is the issue, you’ll be able to hear a clunking sound when driving over potholes or bumps.

Oily shocks

Look under your car and pay close attention to shock absorbers. If they appear to be greasy or oily, this is a clear sign that they are leaking fluid. Please visit our car service station immediately so that the shock absorbers Cheltenham can be replaced immediately.

Inconsistent tyre wear

Inspect the condition of your vehicle’s tyres from time to time. If one or more of them appear to be damaged more than the others, the chances are your vehicle’s suspension system is failing. Please make sure to address the issue at the earliest to avoid hefty repair bills.

A rough ride

Are you feeling every bump on the road while driving? This is one of the most obvious indicators of a malfunctioning car suspension system. You can try the bounce test to confirm. Exert pressure on its bonnet with your full body weight and release after a few seconds. Does your vehicle bounce back and forth more than three times? If yes, your car’s shocks or struts are not in optimal condition.

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