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Are you looking for Brakes Service for your vehicle?


All the components of a car’s braking system have a limited lifespan as they undergo a lot of stress even in normal driving conditions. Brake servicing and replacement of the worn- or damaged parts are an integral part of routine vehicle maintenance that you simply cannot ignore. If you detect certain warning signs, like squeaky noises or vibrations from the brake pedal, you should opt for a professional garage for brake repair Cheltenham.

Leckhampton Tyres and MOT Ltd. specialises in brake pad replacement Cheltenham for all car makes and models. We offer OE-grade replacements at competitive prices for your convenience.

What’s included in our brake repair Cheltenham?

Before we proceed with any repairs/replacements, we conduct a full check-up of all components of the braking system. These include:

  • Master cylinder
  • Brake pads
  • Brake rotors and callipers (for disc brakes)
  • ABS control module
  • Brake drum and shoe (for drum brakes)
  • Handbrake
  • Brake pedal
  • Wheel speed sensors, etc.

How to know if your car’s braking system is damaged?

You should be on the lookout for the following symptoms of a damaged braking system:

Brake and ABS light switched on (Not applicable for all cars)

The red or yellow brake light indicators light up on the dashboard in case there’s any issue with the braking system. These can indicate multiple problems, including those detected by the vehicle's smart sensors.

A squishy or spongy brake pedal

Your car brake pedal feeling soft, i.e., sinking all the way to the bottom is never a good sign. It could result from a decrease in brake fluid pressure, a damaged master cylinder or air/moisture in the braking system.

Metallic squeal on applying the brakes

A high-pitched squealing sound when applying the brakes is probably due to damaged brake pads or rotors. Opt for brake replacement pad Cheltenham services from us immediately; otherwise, the brake rotors might get completely damaged.

Brake judder

This happens when the brake rotors lose their alignment, resulting in odd vibrations.

Directional pull when braking

An irregular brake pressure can cause your vehicle to pull to the left or right when applying the brakes. Leaking hoses, damaged master cylinder or busted callipers can cause this issue.

If your vehicle shows any of the above symptoms, you might want to look for a "brake repairing Cheltenham service”.

Alternatively, you can just skip the search and drop by our garage instead to get superior brake servicing and high-quality OE-grade spare parts in Cheltenham.

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