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Are you looking for Alloy Wheel Repair for your vehicle?


Alloy wheels are extremely popular among car owners in the UK due to their superior aesthetics that enhance the exterior appeal of any vehicle. Besides, alloy wheels are also highly sought-after due to their lightweight construction, which reduces pressure on the suspension system, thereby offering unmatched fuel efficiency.

However, alloy wheels are composed of non-ferrous metals which make them susceptible to light impact damages like kerb damage, scrapes, buckles, scratches, corrosion, etc. Since alloy wheels are pretty costly, replacing them often proves to be quite heavy on the budget. One of the most cost-effective alternatives is to opt for alloy wheel repair Cheltenham from a reliable workshop like Leckhampton Tyres and MOT Ltd.

What are the common problems with damaged alloy wheels?

Apart from affecting the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, bent or damaged alloy wheels can lead to several other issues, like:

  • Odd juddering in the steering column
  • Frequently deflating tyres
  • Poor steering stability
  • Difficulty in turning the steering wheel
  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Uncomfortable car handling experience, etc.

All these issues jeopardise your on-road safety, increasing the chances of road accidents. To avoid such serious problems in the long run, it is essential to get an alloy wheel repair Cheltenham from us as early as possible.

Why us?

Alloy wheel repair is an extremely intricate process. That's why we start by thoroughly inspecting the nature of the damage on the wheels and then follow a detailed process that primarily involves the steps illustrated in the section below.

  • We first un-mount the car wheels and remove the tyre, so we can clean away all the dust and grime on the external parts to expose the damaged areas.
  • In case there are any buckles, we first repair those using our technologically advanced tools.
  • Next, we wash the wheel thoroughly and prepare it for the sanding process.
  • We will then sand every scratch and other damaged areas. In case of a deeper chip, we will also use a specialised filler.
  • We finally spray-paint the alloy wheels with original paints and colour match them to their original make.

Hence, look no further for ‘alloy wheel repair Cheltenham  and visit us for a personal consultation and quote.

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